Hey MCMMO Wiki!

I was thinking the other day that It'd be cool to have more misc. skills, like swimming, running/sprinting, enchanting or alchemy. Just be a cool addition if you could run faster than usual for a little while, hold your breath longer or brew better potions.

It'd be really cool for RP servers or just to mess around with.

I was thinking perhaps a command where you could compare yours and somebody's skill levels. I was thinking it would show both of the levels in green and red. Also perhaps it could show the difference in which ever level is higher. Though I would suggest having to specify which skill you would like to view so you do not get spammed w/ information. This would be an extremely eaiser way to compare skills rather than /inspect and having to do the math, as well as not needing the person beside you. I would be greatly appreciative if this was implemented thank you for your all's time. ~Logan Kennedy