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Salvage is the ability to reclaim the base materials from tools and armor. It is a child skill of Repair and Fishing, and it is calculated by averaging the two levels together. The ability to salvage is unlocked after Repair level 25. At lower levels, only undamaged items can be salvaged. Advanced Salvage, unlocked at level 350 by default, allows damaged items to be salvaged. To salvage, right click a gold block while holding a salvageable item. Raw materials will pop out of the salvage anvil.

Per 50 levels, the max amount of materials you can retrieve will increase by 1.

Only the valuable components of any item can be salvaged. The handles of tools and weapons cannot be retrieved.

Arcane Salvage Unlocks at Salvage level: 125 (default)

This ability allows enchanted books to also appear when salvaging enchanted items. The chance of successfully extracting a full or partial enchantment increases per level.

When an enchantment is partially extracted, the enchantments on the book will have a lower level compared to what it was on the item. For example, salvaging a Protection IV iron chestplate may produce a Protection III book.

Advanced Salvage Unlocks at Salvage level 350 (default)

When unlocked, this ability allows damaged items to be salvaged. The yield percentage increases with level. At least 1 of the component material is guaranteed to be salvaged, unless the item is too damaged to salvage. However, fewer materials will be obtained from a damaged item as compared to an undamaged item.

Example: A gold pickaxe which has been damaged for 20% of its durability (80% left) can return 2 gold ingots. Each of the 3 ingots used to make it is worth 33.33% of its durability, so 2 ingots equals 66.6%. If the player's yield percentage is below 66.6%, only 1 ingot will be obtained. If it is above this value, then the full salvageable amount is given.