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Party levels may be set to unlock at specific party levels (they level up over time and when gaining xp). Parties let you create a group of people you can talk to without public chat listening to your conversation. Only if you are a party leader can you pick the games that your party plays.


Command Command Info
/party or /party info View information on your current party.
/party join <player name> [password] Joins the party of that player, password if specified.
/party quit Leaves the current party.
/pc Toggles party chat.
/party invite <player name> Invites the named player to the current party.
/ptp <party member name> Teleports the player to the designated party member.
/party <lock;unlock> Locks or unlocks the party you are in.
/party password (password)

Sets a password to your party (only work if party is locked).

/party create <party name> [password] Creates a party with a name, password is optional.
/party <kick> [player name] Kicks said player from your party.
/party <leader> [player name] Transfers ownership of the party.
/party disband

Disbands the party.

/party help it shows the party commands
Party Feature Unlock Level
Party Chat 1
Party Teleport 2
Alliances 5
Item Share 8
XP Share 10


While XP sharing is enabled, a share bonus will get added to the shared XP. same with itemshare

Near Party Members XP Share Bonus
1 10%
2 15%
3 20%
9 45%
10 50%
11 50%