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The Mctop is a highscore list of the users and their power levels, starting with the highest power level, and ending with the lowest.



The Mctop command goes as followed: /mctop [skill] [number]

The [number] indicates which scores you'd like to see. E.G. When a user uses /mctop 2 the top 11-20 will be shown on the screen. /mctop 3 shows the top 21-30, /mctop 4 shows the top 31-40 etc.

The Mctop command can also show specific scores based on specific skills. for example, in order to see the unarmed highscore list, the user has to type /mctop unarmed. More specifically, if the user wants to see the unarmed scores from 11-20, he/she has to type /mctop unarmed 2.


  • You can break pumpkins faster with an axe, it speeds up the herbalism training. This technique will however not affect your woodcutting skill, but the player could eventually repair their axes, causing them to gain repair XP
  • The highest power level someone could achieve is (currently) 13000
  • Training may cause players to ignorantly "destroy" the environment in order to get XP