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What is this bug[]

  • McMMO sometimes leads to extreme memory usage, currently users who use flatfile and MySQL are reporting this error. [under investigation]
  • Odd but consistent bug, possibly in the Leaf Blower passive. Setting the config variable "Skills.Woodcutting.Requires_Axe" to false allows anyone using a non-tool to insta-break leaf blocks (but oddly not bare hands). The ability still applies damage to these items regardless of it they're a tool or not, causing the item in hand to change (i.e. saplings change species, wool changes color, etc).
  • When users sometime use their skills, the variable shows up instead of "You ready your axe!". This is probably because of an error in the localization. [confirmed]
  • Users sometimes get to see variables rather than the skill's name [confirmed ]
  • Players are unable to shear leaves (Reports of being unavailable after level 100 due to Leaf Blower Skill, but also showing up below level 100)
  • When a user does a /whois, there sometimes is a risk that the skillnumber becomes yellow rather than green.
  • /myspawn is currently bugged [confirmed]
  • There are reports of people losing their stats once they logout.
  • When the admin add exp to an user, there is no immediate skillup like there was before, the user now has to gain a new point in any skill before all the exp gets incorporated in the skills.
  • When the sword skill was maxed out in MobArena, it would crash the server. Solution was to increase the max level for the skill in the mcmmo config.
  • After a skill level is increased to greater than or equal to 20, then the remaining XP may appear in negative numbers. [Confirmed]
  • You cannot pick up the second drop in double drops for herbalism [confirmed]
  • McMMO Abilities may be stuck "on" indefinitely.
  • When a server restarts, mobs from a spawner don't count as a mob from a spawner anymore. Instead, they're considered mobs that spawned naturally. Meaning, xp can be gained from it. [Confirmed]
  • When fishing and an enchanted item is obtained, sometimes the item has no tooltip as enchantments normally do, and gives no visible bonuses [uncomfirmed and requires testing]
ex. If you break 1 pumpkin and 2 will drop, because of herbalism, you can't pick the second one.