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Mob Type Experience Multipliers

Mob name Experience
Wither Skeleton x4
CreeperFace Creeper x4
Elder Guardian x4
Giant x4
Phantom x4
CaveSpiderFace Cave Spider x3
SilverfishFace Silverfish x3
Blaze Face Blaze x3
Husk x3
Evoker x3
Vindicator x3
SkeletonFace Skeleton x3
GhastFace Ghast x3
ZombiePigmanFace Zombie Pigman x3
Guardian x3
Endermite x2
SpiderFace Spider x2
ZombieFace Zombie x2
SlimeFace Slime x2
Magma Cube Face Magma Cube x2
Vg face Iron Golem x2
Zombie Villager x2
Shulker x2
EndermanFace Endermen x1
Animals x1
Enderdragon Face Enderdragon x0
Wither x0
Witch x0

Note: On some servers, XP can be gained from using spawner mobs and mobs from spawn eggs, however, you should check with the server owner or staff member to make sure. Further, as of version 1.4.04, Wither, Enderdragon, and Witches no longer grant any PVP skills due to their ability to regain health. On some servers, they still grant XP, usually if the mob griefing rule is set to true, to stop the use of these mobs as grinders.

Acrobatics Edit

XP for Acrobatics is calculated by how much damage the player takes after falling from a great height. For example, if you lose 5 hearts you have taken 10 HP fall damage after a jump with no graceful roll, then that damage will be applied to the formula below in a gain of 0.001

XP. You will also get XP on successful dodge maneuvers in combat.

Action Experience Value
Fall Damage in HP * 115
Graceful Landing/roll Fall Damage in HP * 80
Ender Pearl Nothing
Dodging a lot
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