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This page is made for sharing your thoughts on the wiki so far and what you have found on here.


Rule 1[]

Please, do not use foul language. If foul language is found, the entry will be deleted. All warnings and removals are kept track of. If found with enough warnings and removals, the player's entries will all be deleted, past and future.

Rule 2[]

When you create an entry create it in this format. Use three equal signs around the heading unlike what is done on this example.



Rule 3[]

No spam, offensive symbols/pictures, or removal of entire page. Post entries in the entry area of the page.

Entry Log[]

The Start of the Page[]

Welcome to the page. I hope this page becomes popular and a lot of people enter logs on here. ~Andrew_2_9 (AwesomeAndrew123), Creator of the Page


Andrew_2_9 (AwesomeAndrew123)[]

Creator of the page

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