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These plugins are plugins that are either add extra functions to McMMO (i.e. Money2Xp allows the purchase of experience through iConomy) or a web page that display stats or features to a web page.


WS is a simple WebStat page for McMMo. It is currently updated for bukkit build #740 and is compatible with McMMO V1.0.05 or later (because it uses mySQL). The respective topic on the bukkit forums can be found here .

McMMO Web Stats:[]

mcMMO Web Stats is a simple PHP page you can link to directly or include in an existing page to display the mcMMO stats of every player on your server. Think of it like a character sheet for your players. It's respective bukkit forum topic can be found here. It is confirmed to be compatible with McMMO V0.9.2 and later.


Money2Xp is a slightly complicated (but very clever) plugin that allows the purchase of McMMO skill experience, with support for the iConomy and BOSEconomy plugins. It also requires the Permissions plugin and a McMMO version of 1.0 or later. It is currently updated for bukkit build #740 and the forum topic can be found here .

) discontinued


VirtualChest is not a plugin that adapts or adds an existing feature - it is "A Virtual Chest is a chest that can't be accessed in the "physical world of minecraft" - there is no block, nothing", with added support for McMMO parties (more than one player may access it if they are in an McMMO party). The bukkit forum topic can be found here, and the plugin is currently updated for bukkit build #740.