McMMO Wiki

Commands are simple lines of code used in-game as a way to keep track of various aspects of the plugin that range from general information to in-depth McMMO.

Toggle ability notifications on/off.
/mcremove <playername> Remove a user from the mcMMO database (removes all progress from a player).
/mcpurge Purges all users from MySQL or FlatFile.
/a OR /ac

Toggles admin chat. (Working)

/xplock <skillname> Lock the xp bar to named skill.
/mcrefresh [player] Refreshes all cooldowns for a player (if no player specified, refreshes user who ran command).
/mcrank shows rank
/(insertskillhere) shows stats for specified skill and guide if you put a ? after it
/mcmmo help shows commands

/xpbarsettings (show) (skillname) show your xpbar