McMMO Wiki

Version 0.7.9[]

  • XP Curve now follows a new formula
  • Acrobatics XP gains changed
  • Compiled against permissions 2.1

Version 0.7.8[]

  • Massive tweaks to XP gain for Archery, Swords, Axes, Unarmed

Version 0.7.7[]

  • Minor tweak to how players are added to the flat file
  • Fixed some nullpointer exceptions when players die

Version 0.7.6[]

  • Fixed being able to repair diamond armor with below 50 skill
  • Myspawn now supports multiple worlds, clearing myspawn will set it to the first world created by the server

Version 0.7.5[]

  • Removed random checks for herbalism XP
  • Herbalism is now called properly (This should fix gaining no xp or double drops)

Version 0.7.4[]

  • Work around for a bukkit bug that broke my onBlockDamage event
  • Added /clearmyspawn

Version 0.7.3[]

  • Fixed to work with build 424 of CB
  • Lowered the XP of gold due to it not being that rare anymore

Version 0.7.2[]

  • Fixed security flaw where players could access /mmoedit if the server was not running permissions
  • Reduced XP gain of woodcutting a bit

Version 0.7[]

  • Completely rewrote the XP system
  • Added an XP skillrate modifier to the settings file

Version 0.6.2[]

  • Axes now do critical strikes against farm animals
  • Removed the "Stupidly Long Constructor"
  • Now compatible with the latest CB builds

Version 0.6[]

  • Customizable command names
  • Axes can now be modified with /mmoedit
  • Party members are now correctly informed when you leave the party
  • Fixed incorrect commands in /mcc

Version 0.5.17[]

  • Changed namespaces to fit bukkits new standard
  • Adjusted excavation proc rates
  • Modified excavation loot tables
  • Added Party Invite System

Version 0.5.16[]

  • Fixed unarmed not checking for permissions when hitting players

Version 0.5.15[]

  • Fixed stone swords not being recognized as swords
  • Fixed /a not working if you were an op but did not have permissions

Version 0.5.14[]

  • Added permissions for skills

Version 0.5.13[]

  • Removed skillgain from succesful parries
  • Repair now refreshed the inventory

Version 0.5.12[]

  • Fixed being able to hurt party members with the bow and arrow

Version 0.5.11[]

  • Added /mmoedit command
  • Fixed bug preventing player versus player damage
  • Fixed bug preventing damage from scaling with unarmed & bows
  • Fixed disarm proc making the opponent dupe his/her items
  • Added permission
  • Added mcmmo.commands.setmyspawn permission
  • Added totalskill to /stats
  • Changed the look of /stats

Version 0.5.10[]

  • Fixed trying to set health to an invalid value

Version 0.5.9[]

  • Fixed duping inventories on death

Version 0.5.8[]

  • Fixed bug where players inventories would dupe during combat

Version 0.5.7[]

  • Fixed monsters instant killing players
  • Misc fixes

Version 0.5.4[]

  • Changed herbalism skill gain from wheat to be WAAAAY slower

Version 0.5.3[]

  • Players will now correctly drop their inventories when killed by a monster

Version 0.5.2[]

  • Fixed MAJOR bug preventing swords skill from gaining through combat

Version 0.5[]

  • Archery Added
  • Swords Added
  • Acrobatics Added
  • Logging for Party/Admin chat added
  • Fixed whois to show correct values for Excavation
  • Made death messages much much more specific

Version 0.4.4[]

  • Fixed being able to repair full durability iron tools
  • Fixed herbalism benefits not behaving properly
  • Fixed removing 1 diamond from every stack of diamond when repairing diamond

Version 0.4.2[]

  • Removed myspawn from the plugin

Version 0.4.1[]

  • Fixed /mcc showing incorrect command for herbalism
  • Changed unarmed skillrate to be much slower than before
  • Modified a few skill descriptions
  • Added permission for /whois
  • Players can now use admin chat without being op as long as they have the correct permission (requires Permissions)

Version 0.4[]

  • Permissions support
  • Removed OPs having different names than normal players
  • Removed /setspawn & /spawn
  • Slowed down excavation skill rate
  • Fixed excavation coal drop being too rare

Version 0.3.4[]

  • Creepers now give double xp for unarmed
  • Iron armor can now be repaired!
  • Fixed bug stopping items from being repaired

Version 0.3.3[]

  • Yet another herbalism skill gain tweak

Version 0.3.2[]

  • Changed excavation loot tables to be more rewarding
  • Changed sand to give normal excavation xp instead of double xp
  • Fixed herbalism skill exploit
  • Mobs killed with unarmed now drop loot properly
  • Unarmed xp rate depends on mob (zombies lowest fyi)
  • Huge player crashing bug fix on disarm!

Version 0.3.1[]

  • Fixed excavation not saving properly
  • Fixed repair using excavation values

Version 0.3[]

  • Unarmed skill
  • Herbalism skill
  • Excavation skill
  • Many bugfixes (thanks for reporting them!)
  • /<skillname> - Detailed information about skills in game

Version 0.2.1[]

  • Misc bugfixes

Version 0.2[]

  • Repair ability added
  • Repair skill added
  • Iron Armor repair temporarily disabled
  • Anvils (Iron Block) added
  • /mcmmo & /mcc added
  • Misc changes to existing commands
  • Misc bug fixes

Version 0.1[]

  • Releasing my super duper 100% awesome plugin