McMMO Wiki

Version 0.8.22[]

  • Fixed bug where Axes did less damage than normal
  • Acrobatic rolls now give XP
  • Acrobatics XP increased for non-rolls

Version 0.8.21[]

  • Fixed bug where axe criticals would dupe items

Version 0.8.20[]

  • 99.99% sure I fixed anvils that suddenly stop working

Version 0.8.19[]

  • Fixed being able to excavate placed blocks
  • Added toggle option to mining requiring a pickaxe
  • Added toggle option to woodcutting requiring an axe
  • PVP interactions now reward XP based on the damage caused (this is effected by skills)
  • PVP XP gain can be disabled in the configuration file
  • PVP XP has a modifier, increase the modifier for higher XP rewards from PVP combat

Version 0.8.18[]

  • Fixed sandstone not being watched for exploitation

Version 0.8.17[]

  • mcmmo.users moved to plugins/mcMMO/
  • Snowballs and Eggs will no longer trigger Ignition
  • Loot tables for excavation adjusted
  • Mining benefits now require the player to be holding a mining pick
  • Woodcutting benefits now require the player to be holding an axe

Version 0.8.16[]

  • Moved configuration file to /plugins/mcMMO
  • Arrows now have a chance to Ignite enemies
  • Fixed arrows not being retrievable from corpses
  • Added info about ignition to /archery

Version 0.8.14[]

  • Mining, Woodcutting, Herbalism, and Acrobatics proc rates now are based on your skill level directly rather than tiers you unlock via skill levels
  • Archery's ability to retrieve arrows from corpses now is based on your skill level directly rather than tiers you unlock via skill levels
  • Mining, Woodcutting, Herbalism, Archery, and Acrobatics now show their proc % relative to your skill if you type /<skillname>
  • You can now adjust what level is required to repair diamond in the configuration file
  • Changed mining XP rates to be a tad higher for some things
  • You can now get XP from sandstone
  • XP rates increased for gathering glowstone with excavation
  • XP rates increased a bit for excavation
  • Skill info is now a bit more detailed for certain skills
  • Added info about arrow retrieval to /archery

Version 0.8.13[]

  • Enemies no longer look like they have frozen when they die

Item duping fix

Version 0.8.11[]

  • Performance improvements
  • Memory leak fixed
  • NPE error with MySpawn really fixed

Version 0.8.9[]

  • Fixed NPE for My Spawn
  • Fixed NPE for onBlockDamage
  • Bleed proc now correctly checks for Swords permissions

Version 0.8.8[]

  • Gold can now be repaired
  • Tweaked Mining XP gains
  • Reorganized code
  • Added /mcgod godmode command
  • Fixed the pvp toggle in the settings file

Version 0.8.7[]

  • Removed packet-sending stuff wasn't working anyways
  • Fixed another NPE with the TimerTask
  • Skills now only show up in /stats if you have permissions for them

Version 0.8.6[]

  • Added a null check in bleed simulation to prevent a NPE

Version 0.8.5[]

  • Players are now added to files when they connect (to fix a NPE)
  • onPlayerCommand stuff moved into onPlayerCommandPreprocess

Version 0.8.4[]

  • Fixed another nullpointer error for TimerTask
  • Fixed bug making regeneration take twice as long to kick in after combat

Version 0.8.3[]

  • Modified the timer intervals (from 1 second to 2)
  • All skills now have an individual modifier (Set by default to 2)
  • There is now a global XP modifier (Set by default to 1)
  • Herbalism now correctly follows its skill curve
  • Unarmed no longer gives experience for harming other players
  • Players can no longer exploit mob spawners for experience

Version 0.8.2[]

  • Fixed Concurrent Modification Exception
  • Fixed some incorrect skill descriptions
  • First tier of HP Regeneration is now available from the start
  • Fixed bleed proc rate for very high skill levels
  • Changed regeneration permissions to 'mcmmo.regeneration'

Version 0.8[]

  • Archery skill now lets players recover arrows from downed foes
  • Health regenerates based on power level
  • Added toggle to myspawn clearing player inventory in settings file
  • Swords now have a bleed effect
  • Rewrote Skill descriptions to be more informative/better