The Changelog is a log or record of all changes or made to a project, in this case, the mcMMO plugin.

It should be noted that any version with changes not logged was probably a minor update.

† Indicates features requiring Spout.

Version 1.2.xEdit

Version 1.2.09Edit

  • Fixed issue with Repair Mastery (Issue #47)
  • Made Arcane Forging fully configurable (Pull Request #52)
  • Made Fishing configurable (Pull Request #60)
  • Changed timer to be a bit more efficient (Issue #19)
  • Changed to fire EntityDamageEvents for all damage done by mcMMO
  • New custom event for developers McMMOPlayerLevelUpEvent
  • New custom event for developers McMMOItemSpawnEvent
  • Changed LoadProperties from the old Configuration to FileConfiguration
  • Removed aliasing from config.yml
  • Fixed mining procs from Super Break & Silk Touch
  • Unused smelt property removed
  • Minor optimizations
  • Fix for setting properly block damage values
  • Initial skill level capping removed
  • Initial command alias framework added
  • Fixed abilities not handling Unbreaking items
  • Fix for treefeller glitch

(Tested against CB 1.1-R3)

Version 1.2.08Edit

  • Changed Bukkit events to new event system
  • Changed aliasing to send both the mcmmo command and the command used.
  • Changes in combat exp (Pull Request #49)
  • Repair for bows & leather armor (Pull Request #46)
  • Fixed missing images (Pull Request #45)
  • POM Changes for dependencies (Pull Request #36)
  • Fishing & Repair fixes (Pull Request #31)
  • Fixed CraftOfflinePlayer issue (Issue #212) errors for offline wolf owners
  • Pull in commit from @NuclearW for issue from previous commit

Version 1.2.07Edit

  • Fixed mctop not working at all (whoops!)
  • Fixed problem with multithreading in mcMMO causing errors
  • Fixed bug with Repair where it would remove the enchantments if you could not even repair the item
  • The command mmoupdate now runs in its own thread to ease the burden on the server

Version 1.1.xEdit

Version 1.1.05Edit

  • Maps dropped from excavation are created correctly, and represent the area they are found in
  • Fixed an exploit with clay and excavation
  • † Fixed a NPE with locking xp bars
  • Fixed the !AdeptDiamond! localization error when repairing diamond with a skill below 50

Version 1.1.04Edit

  • † Removed URL settings for XPBAR/XPICON/HPBAR
  • † Added single URL setting for mcMMO
  • Changed default host from Dropbox to Rycochet's webserver (with apparently unlimited bandwidth!, thanks Rycochet)
  • † Fixed Repair noise not getting played
  • † Fixed a small memory leak with party health bars

Version 1.1.03Edit

  • † Fixed a few images being hard-coded still rather than configurable

Version 1.1.02Edit

  • † Fixed bug where toggle for xpicon didn't work
  • Fixed bug where Excavation gave gravel drops to grass
  • Excavation now uses more enums

Version 1.1.01Edit

  • † Fixed toggles for hpbar/xpbar not working

Version 1.1.0Edit

  • † Brand new XP Bars, Health bars, and Skill Icons designed by BrandonXP
  • † Added /xplock <skillname> to lock the xp bar to a skill
  • † Repairing metal now has a sound effect
  • Shears added to Repair
  • MySpawn now works correctly when you are in the nether
  • MySpawn message when you right click a bed is now squelched
  • Intervals at which players renegerate hp have doubled in length (making it take 100% longer to regenerate than before)
  • Rewrote many variables stored per player to be integer instead of long, reducing overall memory usage of mcMMO
  • Rewrote the Timer mcMMO relies on to instead use the BukkitScheduler for performance
  • Fixed the party member list of /party
  • Fixed bug where Swords would counter-attack Projectiles and Hostile Mobs
  • Removed a debug message when repairing diamond armor
  • Changed chat to use getDisplayName() instead of getName()
  • Changed chat priority from lowest to highest
  • Added Clay to excavation
  • Added new items to Clay's loot tables
  • Archery now works with the latest CB

Version 1.0.xEdit

See: Changelog/1.0

Version 0.9.xEdit

See: Changelog/0.9

Version 0.8.xEdit

See: Changelog/0.8

Pre 0.8Edit

See: Changelog/pre0.8