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Archery is a skill focused on dealing damage to mobs and players using a bow and arrows.

Experience Gain[]

Experience is gained by dealing damage with a bow and arrows based on how far they are from their target.




Daze is an effect that can trigger on some of the player's shots, causing their enemy to feel nauseated. Gaining additional levels in Archery increases the chance to daze their opponent. This effect does not work on mobs.

Daze inflicts Nausea on the target for 6 seconds and deals 4 additional damage. Nausea only affects players and has no effect on non-player mobs.

The chance of Daze occurring is 0.05% per hit per level, capping at 50% at level 1000. This is equal to 1% every 20 levels. The Archery stats page only displays by whole percentages

Level Chance
0 0%
20 1%
40 2%
60 3%
80 4%
100 5%
... ...
200 10%
300 15%
400 20%
500 25%
... ...
1000 50%

Daze has a chance to make your opponent nauseous and does 4 extra points of damage (2 hearts).

Note that this has no effect on mobs.

Arrow Retrieval[]

Retrieve is an archer's ability to shoot without losing their arrows. Gaining additional levels in Archery increases their chance to recover the arrows that they fired. This is useful if you do not have Infinity on your bow.

Bonus Damage Table[]

Your archery damage increases 10% every 50 archery levels, to a maximum buff of 200% at level 1000. The damage from Skillshot (list in abilities) caps at 9 damage, effectively preventing 1 shot kills in PvP.

Archery Skill Bonus Damage
50 10%
100 20%
150 30%
200 40%
250 50%
300 60%
350 70%
400 80%
450 90%
500 100%
550 110%
600 120%
650 130%
700 140%
750 150%
800 160%
850 170%
900 180%
950 190%
1000 200%

(triple damage)

Leveling Tips[]

Like every combat skill, any target or set of targets with high total HP makes for a good farm, and if automated properly, an AFK farming strategy to inflate your skill with little to no effort on your part beyond the setup. Iron golem farms are one of the best examples, and also give iron. Care must be taken in design to not automatically kill the golems before you fire at them. However, bows lack the durability of high-level swords and the unlimited usage of fists, so both arrows and bows will have to be dispensed as they are used. The skill EXP is directly related to the damage dealt, so using an enchantment like Power on every bow is recommended if possible. Also, the shots from the bow should be for the same reason fully charged.

However, there are quirks with archery that prevent some of the more popular farming methods from working. Attempting to kill Endermen with an arrow will result in the targeted Enderman teleporting away, nullifying the damage of the arrow and no Archery EXP is gained.

An iron golem farm is an excellent way to level up archery, with an added bonus of obtaining iron. However, when making one, be sure not to use an automated killing method, such as lava. You want the iron golems to gather together unharmed, for maximum effectiveness.

Simple one village iron golem farms like the one in the video above have an average spawn rate of 1 golem per 6 minutes, but the rate can be increased by building multiple farms. However, it is crucial that each farm is at least 66 blocks away from each other, or else the villages will merge.

Darkroom Grinder[]

By building a natural-spawn grinder, you can gain experience from shooting the mobs, as well as obtaining a variety of different items.

In vanilla Minecraft, the mob grinder above is probably the most efficient design, but make sure to light any dark spots nearby for maximum effectiveness.

The section below is out of date due to the addition of Piglins in 1.16.x. Piglins are hostile by default unless you are wearing gold armor. Blazes may be a better option and they spawn clustered, making them easy targets.

Zombified Piglins[]

If you do not feel like building any large structures, the fastest method is to go into the nether with a bow, pillar up and shoot any Piglins you see. Since they will swarm you, they make for easy targets. But make sure to kill them all before you come down, otherwise they will kill you.