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Alchemy AlchemyIcon.png[]

Alchemy is a miscellaneous skill based on brewing potions. It is leveled through the creation and modification of potions in a brewing stand. Additionally, some effects that are normally unobtainable through vanilla potions are given custom recipes.

Passive Abilities[]


Brewing ingredients into potions takes less time the higher your Alchemy skill, beyond level 100.


At certain Alchemy levels, new recipes are unlocked for potions, as follows:

Potion Name

Potion Effect Ingredient Unlock Level Type Information
HasteEffect.png Potion of Haste Haste Carrot 125 Buff Increases Mining Speed
AbsorptionEffect.png Potion of Absorption Absorption Nether Quartz 250 Buff Applies 2 additional hearts (per level) that disappear upon damage.
Potion of Mining Fatigue Mining Fatigue Slime Ball 250 Debuff

Applies Mining Fatigue

Effect healthboost icon.png
Potion of Health Boost Health Boost Apple 350 Buff

Applies 2 refillable hearts per level

HungerEffect.png Potion of Hunger Hunger Rotten Flesh 350 Debuff Depletes the hunger bar at a faster rate
NauseaEffect.png Potion of Nausea Nausea Brown Mushroom 500 Debuff Makes the user's vision swirl (like entering a Nether portal)
BlindnessEffect.png Potion of Blindness Blindness Inc Sack 500 Debuff Decreases the user's range of vision
Potion of Saturation Saturation Fern 750 Buff Causes the user's hunger bar to increase without the consumption of food.
WitherEffect.png Potion of Decay Wither Poisonous Potato 900 Debuff Damage over time, much like burning or poison.
ResistanceEffect.png Potion of Resistance Resistance Golden Apple (regular) 1000 Buff Applies a 20% damage reduction per level

Important things to note about these custom recipes:

  • In older versions, attempting to brew gunpowder or Dragon's Breath into the custom potions will result in an Uncraftable Splash or Lingering potion, respectively. This potion has no effect. However, using gunpowder or Dragon's Breath on an Awkward Potion and then adding the custom ingredient last will result in a Splash or Lingering potion of the proper effect, respectively. This has been corrected in newer versions. Does not work on 1.12.2 servers.
  • Ingredients that have been named in an anvil CANNOT be used in the custom recipes, and will not receive the Catalysis brewing speed boost. (i.e. a Slimeball named "Fred" CANNOT make a dullness potion, and a Fermented Spider Eye named "RIP George" will brew at regular speed regardless of the brewer's Alchemy skill.)
  • All Custom Potions require awkward potion to brew. Currently the animation of brewing does not display, but if you wait the potions will brew

Experience Gain[]

  • First Brew (water bottle to awkward potion): 15xp per brewed potion (45xp for full stand)
  • Second Brew (awkward potion to any other potion): 30xp per brewed potion (90exp for full stand, 135exp full stand if brewed from First Brew to Second Brew)
  • Third Brew (using either redstone or glowstone): 60xp per brewed potion (180exp for full stand, 315exp full stand if brewed from First Brew to Third Brew)
  • Fourth Brew (splash potion via gunpowder): 120xp per brewed potion (360exp for full stand, 675exp full stand if brewed from First Brew to Fourth Brew)

Exceptions to Experience[]

  • When using fermented spider eyes to turn water bottles into Potions of Weakness, each potion grants 30xp. This is because this recipe doesn't start with Nether Wart.
  • Turning Potions of Healing into Potions of Harming with fermented spider eyes yields no experience. This appears to be an oversight.
  • No experience is awarded for brewing Harming II potions via glowstone, but gunpowder still grants the expected 120xp per potion. This can be avoided by creating Poison II and then using fermented spider eye to turn it into Harming II.
  • In older versions, Lingering potions do not give any experience upon creation. XP is granted in the current version.


  • Speed potions are very simple to make, having common materials.
  • Do not alternate between redstone and glowstone - it does not change XP amounts
  • You can hold up to 36 potions at a time. If you are making batches of potions (for efficiency), keep these numbers in mind. You need 36 glass to make 36 bottles. You need 12 brewing stands, and 12 of whatever ingredients you need.
  • Hoppers controlled with a lever can be used to add and remove bottles from brewing stands. Excess potions can be funneled into a dispenser and dumped into lava, removing the limitations of player inventory space from XP grinding.
    • Note that you must still manually open the brewing stand and insert ingredients for each brew in order to gain XP.


  • The animation for brewing does not play when adding custom ingredients, or modifying custom potions with glowstone or redstone. It will still brew as normal.